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The Photographic package

Most wedding photographers go home after your first dance. Whether its a wedding disco, retirement party surprise party or any other event we capture the fun part of the evening as we take digital photos throughout the duration of the show which we project onto a large screen as a slide show.

This cost of taking and projecting the pictures is incorporated into the disco booking fee.

If at the end of your event you decide you would like a copy of the pictures, we can burn them onto a CD while you wait.*

At most events we also have a high quality thermal printer and can print any selected pictures in under 60 seconds and put them in a frame to take home with you.*

*We do make a small extra charge for this. *

We can use your own photos

If you are booking us for a surprise party (eg 40th birthday, wedding anniversary etc) you can send us you own pictures of the birthday person or anniversary couple on CD or memory stick and while the dj is entertaining the crowd, we can project them onto our screen. There is no extra charge for this and we just return the CD or stick to you at the end of the event.